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KarstBase a bibliography database in karst and cave science.

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The book "Hypogene Karst Regions and Caves of the World" is finished
The book “Hypogene Karst Regions and Caves of the World” is going to be published by Springer, in its series “Cave and Karst Systems of the World”.
Karst session at the AGU Fall 2016 Meeting in San Francisco
There will be a karst session at the AGU Fall 2016 Meeting in San Francisco, USA in December 12-16: Characterization, Modeling, and Remediation of Fissured, Carbonate, and Karst Groundwater Systems
A new book on caves and karst in Austria
A book "Höhlen und Karst in Österreich" (Caves and karst in Austria; Editors: Christoph Spötl, Lukas Plan & Ehrad Christian) will be printed until mid of July. Subscription is available.
Unusual perspective on caves
Many inspiring ideas on caves can be found in images created by children, generated by the International Contest of Kid’s Drawing "Caves in the Eyes of our Children".
Session on Karst Aquifers at the 43th IAH Congress, France
A call to submit an abstract to a session devoted to karst aquifers, which will be held in September in Montpellier during the 43rd IAH Congress

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That obruk is turkish form for a vertical or steepsided depression or shaft in karst, often formed by collapse of roof of an underground cave or cavern. when the depression contains a lake of pond, it is known as 'sulu obruk' or 'obruk golu'. when it is dry, it is called 'kuru obruk' or just 'obruk'. synonyms: (french.) obruk; (german.) schlot; (greek.) 'obruk' (kathetos karstikos lakkos); (italian.) pozzo carsico; (spanish.) torca; (turkish.) obruk; (yugoslavian.) jama. see cenote, dolina, jama, pit, shaft, sinkhole.?

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Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers

is an online scientific journal that brings together research on developments in geospeleology and karst science pertinent to the origin and evolution of dissolution caves and conduit permeability (speleogenesis). Speleogenesis is a primary process that determines most essential features of hydrogeology of soluble rocks and guides evolution of karst in many ways, so that the evolution of karst in general and karst aquifers in particular are also within the scope of the journal.

The general aim of the journal is to foster speleogenesis and karst hydrogeology studies by highlighting the most essential recent advances in the field, disseminated in a vast array of literature, and facilitating access to them.

Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers is a specialized umbrella journal that, in addition to publishing original research articles, re-publishes carefully selected articles from partner karst and cave journals of a broader scope and from conference proceedings, and also indexes/highlights selected relevant articles from a wide range of the peer-reviewed geoscience journals by providing citations/abstracts linked to original full-text resources.

In this way, Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers serves as a premier one-stop scholarly source for the field of karst hydrogeology and the origin of solution porosity.